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Prof. José Ramón Saura

Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain);

Jose Ramon Saura is Researcher and Associate professor of Digital Marketing in the Business Economics Department at Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid (Spain). Previously, he held positions and made consultancy at several companies including Google, L’Oréal, Deloitte, Telefónica, or MRM//McCann (2011-2015), among others. 


His research has focused on the theoretical and practical insights of various aspects of User Generated Content (UGC), with a specific focus around three major research approaches applied to business and marketing: data mining, knowledge discovery and information sciences. He earned an International PhD at Rey Juan Carlos University, with research fellowships in RCC at Harvard University and London South Bank University (LSBU) (2015-2017).


He has Editorial Board experience in Journals like SAGE Open, Marketing and Management of Innovations or the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Research, among others. He has also coordinated as Editor two academics books in the editorial IGI Global. He has been Guest-Editor of numerous Special Issues in Journals such as: Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Indian Business Research (Emerald G.), China Finance Review International (Emerald G.), Applied Marketing Analytics (Henry Stewart) or the Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (JSOD).


His research has appeared in leading international business, marketing and information sciences journals such as: Journal of Innovation and Knowledge, International Journal of Information Management, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Business Research,  Industrial Marketing Management, Review of Managerial Sciences, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Big Data Research, European Research on Management and Business Economics, European Management Journal, Enterprise Information Systems, IEEE Access, Computers Communication, among others.

Selected publications

Using data sciences in digital marketing: Framework, methods, and performance metrics, Journal of Innovation & Knowledge (2021)

Digital marketing in SMEs via data-driven strategies: Reviewing the current state of research, Journal of Small Business Management (2021)

Setting B2B digital marketing in artificial intelligence-based CRMs: A review and directions for future research, Industrial Marketing Management (2021)

Towards a new era of mass data collection: Assessing pandemic surveillance technologies to preserve user privacy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2021)

Ethical design in social media: Assessing the main performance measurements of user online behavior modification, Journal of Business Research (2021)