ADD Business Analytics Observatory is an interdisciplinary Observatory designed for the study of Business, Management and Marketing with the use of research methodologies focused on data analysis. The resources of the Observatory are available to lecturers, researchers, students and professionals who are members of  the Observatory. Our goal is to support, disseminate or contribute to research in the indicated areas. 


In general, the research topics studied at the Observatory are related to the analysis of advanced data techniques (Data-Driven & Business Analytics) in digital environments. in any of the research lines relative to the areas of Business, Management and Marketing. Specifically, the objectives of the ADD Business Analytics Observatory are the following:

  • Support, disseminate and cooperate on research focused on Business, Management & Marketing with members of the university community and the URJC.
  • Make available to researchers, teachers, professionals and PhD students the databases and know-how related to research.
  • Contribute and help researchers and PhD Candidates to carry out internships or research stays supervised by the members of the Observatory.
  • Create an international network of researchers linked to the study of Business, Management & Marketing who are active members of the Observatory.
  • Apply as Observatory, Special Issues and Call for Papers in specialized academic journals within the categories of Business, Management & Marketing.
  • Hold conferences, courses and seminars related to ADD Business Analytics Observatory for the training of students, doctoral students and researchers.

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